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Curbside Flag Service from TROOP 895

Troop 895 sells annual flag service subscriptions.  These flags are planted on the curb during major flag holidays.   Currently, more than 120 flags are leased in the area around JJ Pearce.  If you've ever driven through the neighborhood of the JJ Pearce Homeowner's Association and wondered where the beautiful flags come from, now you know!  Troop 895 has offered this service to JJPHOA members for many years.  Many of the residents write us each year to express their gratitude and appreciation.

80% of the profits from this curbside flag program are distributed to the scouts as camper credits.  Scouts use these camper credits to defray the costs of Scouting.  Outdoor programs such as monthly camp-out meal and travel expenses as well as major outdoor activities such as summer camps or high adventure camps may be paid for with Camper Credits.  In addition, the scouts can use their camper credits to buy uniforms and camping equipment such as backpacks, boots, sleeping bags, tents, etc.   This camper credit is tracked by the treasurer and accrues based on the number of hours scouts work on the curbside flag service.  Boys earn camper credits putting out the flags before holidays and taking them up after holidays, as well as on periodic subscription drives and flag-mount maintenance runs.

The scouts of Troop 895 put up flags for the following holidays:

Flag Days

  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Patriots' Day (9/11)
  • Veterans Day

How can you help?

  • Encourage your son to participate in the curbside flag service events by putting out flags, taking up flags and generally supporting the flag program
  • Participate yourself on these days by driving and assisting
  • Participate in helping to assemble new flags as new subscriptions are sold
  • Help coordinate curbside flag service activities on flag days

For more information contact:

Brian Hauber - Troop 895 Curbside Flag Service Coordinator and Assistant Scoutmaster

Looking for the order form?  Order Troop 895 Curbside Flag Service here.