Camp Card Sales

April 28, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Tom Thumb Coit and Campbell
1380 W Campbell Rd
Richardson, TX 75080
Lyz Worlein

Raise CASH for YOU and your fun Scouting career!

  • Arrive and depart on time
  • Check-in with store managers to confirm specific location rules they expect you to follow (it may be different at every location)
  • Several of the Lowe’s locations only want us selling at one doorway (entrance or exit not both) Make sure you check in with management to make sure you are following their request
  • Stay out of doorways and walkways. Customers should have an easy path to the doorway.  Scout can still speak to and approach customers while not impeding foot traffic
  • Make sure you rotate your Scouts during your time slot. You should not have more than 4 Scouts at a doorway actively selling at any point.
  • Remember you are a guest and it is privilege to be at their store. Make sure you follow any directions given to you by any employee at your location.
  • A Scout is Courteous…Greet your customer with a smile and say “Thank you” even when a customer does not buy a card. Your Scouts are representing the image that the public thinks of Scouting in your community.
  • If you use a table, keep it clean and visible, but not blocking anything
  • Leave the area cleaner than you found it