Information for Merit Badge Counselors

Taken from the BSA Merit Badge Counselors Guide found at or download the PDF hereMerit Badge Counselors resources for Troop 895 - image from

The merit badge counselor is a key player in the Boy Scout advancement program. Whatever your area of expertise or interest—whether it is a special craft or hobby (basketry, leatherwork, coin collecting), a profession (veterinary medicine, aviation, engineering), or perhaps a life skill (cooking, personal management, communications)—as a merit badge counselor, you can play a vital role in stirring a young man's curiosity about that particular topic. By serving as a merit badge counselor, you offer your time, knowledge, and other resources so that Scouts can explore a topic of interest.


If you are not yet a merit badge counselor, it is easy to become a volunteer. You will need to register with the Boy Scouts of America, through your BSA local council. This entails contacting the local council, then obtaining, completing, and turning in the "Adult Application." The council will then process the application. (Every applicant is screened.)

If you are not yet trained in Youth Protection, this is your next step after registering as a volunteer with Circle Ten Council (contact us for details).  Face-to-Face Youth Protection Training is required for any role which may see you interacting with the boys of the troop.  It is important to note that Texas requires you to obtain a face to face youth protection training certificate (valid for 2 years).  Simply taking the BSA's online Youth Protection Training is not sufficient.


Other resources for Merit Badge Counselors:

Interested in helping our boys as a Merit Badge Counselor?  Let us know - we'll do everything we can to help you succeed!

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