Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where does the troop meet?
A: Mondays during the school year at

The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany
421 Custer Road
Richardson, Texas 75080


Q: What time is the meeting:
A: From 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. (OK, around 8PM - we always seem to get out a little late)

Q: Are adults men and women welcome to participate?
A: Troop 895 has many adult scouters both men and women.  We would love to have you participate.

Q: What should we do if we would like to visit a troop meeting?
A: Webelos and parent are welcome to attend any meeting.   Please contact our Webelos coordinator Jay Maxwell to let us know you  are coming.

Q: My son is a new scout, do I need to go out and buy all new camping equipment?
A:  You should not invest a lot of money in new equipment for a new scout.  They will learn over time what they need (and they grow quickly).  Refer to the document  "Camping Guide for new scouts and adults" on the New Scouts page.

Q: What is the clothes closet?
A: We maintain uniform parts (pants and shorts) in the Trail to First Class room to be available.   We ask that you donate uniform parts your son has grown out of  to the closet.  If you find something that will fit your son, you are welcome to it.  We ask that you pay $5 for any item you find in the Uniform clothes closet.

Q: What does a scout wear going camping?
A: All scouts travel to and from the campout in the "field" uniform (Class A).  During the campout, any clothing is acceptable.  Hats and T-shirts should be scout related if possible.  Open toed shoes (sandals) are not permitted due to safety reasons.

Q: What does a scout wear to a troop meeting?
A: "Field" uniform which is the scout uniform shirt and pants (short or long).  Open toed shoes (sandals) are not permitted.

Q: What is a Court of Honor?
A: Three times per year, all scouts and parent are invited to a special meeting where all earned ranks and merit badges are presented to the scouts.   There are also special individual Eagle Court of Honors throughout the year to honor each new Eagle Scout.

Q:What about electronics on campouts?
A: We discourage gameboys and cellphones during travel.  They are not permitted during the campout.  We are there to enjoy the outdoors.  Adults have cellphones if one is needed.

Q: What is a "Blue Card"?
A: Scouts earn merit badges after First Class for rank advancement.  A "Blue Card" is given by the advancement chairman to record that a scout is working on a merit badge.  The "Blue Card" is signed off by the merit badge counselor and returned by the scout to the advancement chair to record completion of the merit badge.  One portion of the "Blue Card" is kept by the scout as proof of completion.  The troop maintains electronic records.  However mistakes happen so it is a good idea to retain the blue card as proof.

Q: Do scouts need to purchase merit badge books?
A: The troop has a library of merit badge books that the scout can check out for use.  They may also buy a merit badge book at the scout store if they prefer.  They are inexpensive.

Q:  Where are the Scout Stores?
Click here. 

Q: My son is busy with other activities and cannot make the campout?
A: We understand there are many competing activities.  We are happy for him to come for a portion of the campout or to make as many as possible.  We do not expect boys to make all campouts.  That is not realistic in our society of so many activities.

Q: What is Money Monday?
A: The monday before a campout, all fees for the campout are collected along with any permission slips.  For a normal campout, the only cost is for each scouts food in his patrol.  This is currently set at $12.