Welcome Guide For New Scouts

The Welcome Guide for New Scouts is a comprehensive tool for parents and scouts joining troop 895.

You should download and print a copy for future reference.  Bookmarking this page (Ctrl + d in most browsers) might also be a good idea.  There is important contact information for the leadership of the troop contained in this document which you might also want to save into your mobile phones.

Click here to download the Troop 895 Welcome Guide for New Scouts

This guide contains important information about the organization of the troop and resources useful for scouts and scouters alike.


Welcome to Troop 895                                                                           3

Mission, Aims & Methods of the Boy Scouts of America                       4

Becoming a Scout                                                                                  5

Annual Dues                                                                                           5

Troop 895 Uniform                                                                                 6

Troop 895 Meetings and Communications                                             7–8

Camping Procedures                                                                              8

Personal Gear Checklist                                                                         9

Advancement in Scouting                                                                       11–15

  • Merit Badges
  • Positions of Responsibility
  • Record Keeping

Parents’ Responsibilities (How You Can Help)                                      16–17


While the entire Guide For New Scouts is important to understand, the personal gear checklist in particular will be something referenced by your scout consistently.  Making sure your son knows personal gear best practices, along with the information about Becoming a Scout and the section on Advancement will go a long way toward insuring your son is prepared to live into the mission, aims and methods of the Boy Scouts of America.

Please let us know if you see anything inconsistent or erroneous.