Trail to First Class

During the first year of scouting, new scouts work their way through requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks.  We call this the "Trail to First Class".   These skills give boys an outstanding knowledge of basic scout and camping skills.   Each Monday evening from 7:00 - 7:30 during the scout meeting, these boys meet with boy-led instructors in Trail to First Class to learn these skills.  Although much will be covered in the weekly troop meetings, it is also essential that your son participate in the Troop 895 outdoor program as often as possible to complete many of the requirements.  Requirements can all be found in the Boy Scout Handbook which should be brought to every meeting and campout.


Scout Rank Insignia Scout Rank:

Scout rank is the first rank on the trail to first class and the road to Eagle. To become a scout requires you to be at least 11 years old, or 10 years old with an Arrow of Light (the highest Cub Scout rank) and to demonstrate a basic understanding of the Scout Oath and Law.





Tenderfoot Scout Rank InsigniaTenderfoot Scout Rank:

Tenderfoot is the second rank on the trail to first class and the road to eagle. To attain this rank a scout must:

  • Go on a camping trip and help prepare food
  • Have a more comprehensive understanding of the Scout Oath and Law
  • Prove physical fitness
  • Show basic First Aid and knot typing skills

Second Class Scout Rank InsigniaSecond Class Scout Rank:

Second Class Scout Rank is the third rank on the trail to first class and the road to eagle. Second Class rank is to point at which a scout to become a Patrol Leader or another leadership position. To Attain this rank a Tenderfoot must demonstrate:

•Basic orienteering skills
•Cook for the Troop and do all the preparation required
•Participate in a one hour or more service project
•Show knowledge of some local plant and animal life
• Have a more in depth knowledge of First aid

First Class Scout Rank InsigniaFirst Class Scout Rank:

First Class Scout Rank is the destination on the trail to first class and the fourth rank on the road to eagle. First class is obtained by a Second Class Scout when he:

•Cook for the patrol on a campout (see first class grubmaster worksheet)
•Show more in depth orienteering skills
•Help plan a trip for the Troop
•Show Lashing skills to make a useful camp gadget
•A detailed knowledge of First aid
•Invite a prospective member to a Troop activity


After a scout earns his First Class rank he is only three ranks away from Eagle Scout:

Star Scout: Star Scout Rank Insignia Life Scout: Life Scout Rank Insignia Eagle Scout: Eagle Scout Rank Insignia